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Liam Barrett is a multidisciplinary illustrator, university lecturer and maker living in Bristol, UK. He is always happy to hear about new projects, collaborations and exhibitions.

Email: Liambarrettillustration@gmail.com 

ILLUSTRATOR: Liam has worked professionally in editorial, written and illustrated two children's books. He is a big believer in personal projects and is currently working on EGG MEAT.

EXHIBITOR: He has just completed his master in printmaking and has exhibited internationally. Sometimes he goes into three-dimensions making masks and characters from cardboard, ceramic, wood, metal and anything else he can find.

EDUCATOR: He also lectures in Illustration at the University of South Wales putting creativity, curiosity and content-led Illustration at the forefront. CV is available upon request.

Selected clients: CND, New York Times, Vice magazine, No Brow, Flying Eye Books, Beneficial Shock, Computer Arts, ANORAK Magazine, U Studio, Knops Beer & JESS3


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