Sculpted by Alice Urbino     
Liam Barrett is a Welsh illustrator, lecturer and maker living in Bristol, UK. He has collaborated on various illustration projects, including editorial, children's books and branding.

He firmly believes in personal pursuits and when not working on an illustration job, he expresses authentic ideas through self-directed projects that move beyond illustration into printmaking, exhibitions and three-dimensional objects.

Liam also lectures full-time in Illustration at the University of South Wales, putting inventiveness, curiosity and content-led illustration at the forefront. Specialising in creative workshops prioritising hands-on learning and student-led problem-solving. CV is available upon request.

I'm always happy to hear about new projects, so please use the email below if you would like to collaborate or say hello ︎


Selected clients: Communion Records, CND, New York Times, Vice magazine, Flying Eye Books, Beneficial Shock, ANORAK Magazine, U Studio, & JESS3


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